Dancing Behind My Eyelids

A close friend asked me today what would be the first thing I would do at my arrival in Switzerland. I didn’t really know what to answer. Nothing satisfying came to my mind.

Hug my family, take a bath, see my friends and celebrate with them, buy and read books, enjoy early breakfast in a cafe while reading the news, go skiing and then what? Then what?

Tonight, exhausted, in my inner world and trying to work on my final report, I suddenly realized that I now consider life in Switzerland as something exotic.

20 October 2011: Darfuris waiting for the arrival of a delegation of Special Envoys to Sudan. Mukjar, West Darfur. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].


10 July 2011: A habitant of Sehjana village, North Darfur, during a meeting with UNAMID, UNHCR and other NGOs, to discuss the possible return of about 800 internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Kabkabya to Kutum. The rainy season has started and the reason and condition of their possible return still raise many questions. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].