Ha Long Bay

15 November 2010: Ha Long Bay in North Vietnam. About 500 boats cruise in the bay, leading to an high concentration of boats around the most touristic areas (e.g. amazing cave). [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

14 November 2010: Vietnamese vendors waiting for tourists to leave their embarkation. Tour operators tend to overprice the drinks on board their boats and local vendors use that opportunity to sell cheaper products to tourists while they embark/disembark. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

15 November 2010: Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and welcomes millions of tourists every year. Finding a quiet spot is not always an easy task but the view is breathtaking. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

Vietnam mon amour

I’m having some rest days in South-East Asia. After 2 days in Bangkok, I’m now in Hanoi, North Vietnam. The main mean of transportation within the city are certainly motorbikes and crossing the street is a sport.

At night, youths gather in the streets to eat and drink, seating on small plastic stools. I hope to have the opportunity to spend more time with them in the coming days.

I really love low light photography. Before my arrival in Sudan, I use to spend a lot of time shooting in Melbourne streets at night. Unfortunately, with the security situation and restrictions in Darfur, I almost totally stopped taking pictures after sunset.

07 November 2010: Old quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam [Click on the picture to enlarge it].