Steve Jobs is dead. He was one of the most successful business man in the world, had amazing presentation skills (have a look at his keynotes, if you don’t believe me) and influenced the life of many with his computers, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

I understand that even people who didn’t know him personally can feel affected (like people did when Princess Diana died). But I am not sure to share the massive hysteria, tears, candles and other “iGod is dead”. I watched few months ago his speech at Stanford University and like it. It was inspiring but with his death, it took another dimension.

We are frequently told to study hard to have a good job. To work hard to have a good career. To find a spouse to have children with. And then what? We can die with the satisfaction of having children and money? Maybe Steve Jobs’s message is to focus on the satisfaction and pleasure of building, rather than on the pleasure of admiring what we built. Focusing on the journey rather than on the final destination.

Or maybe we want to believe he was a bright wise man, when he was just an amazing seller. Maybe …

September 2011: A cow about to be slaughtered in Abu Shouk IDP camp, North Darfur.[Click on the picture to enlarge it].