I miss the night. Walking in the dark and observing life, or its absence, all around me. Listening to the silence or my music. Just walking, without a goal or a map. Just being connected with the place I am, and with myself.

I miss you …


3 April 2012: Plaza Mayor, Salamanca, Castile and León, Spain.

Maybe it’s time for me to go back to the field…

Down in the air

Not dead yet. But the last weeks haven’t been very exciting in term of photographs. Time is flying and I am now for a few days in Switzerland, trying to reload my batteries and to clarify my future. Surrounded by new books (including the excellent “Infidel” by the late Tim Hetherington), I really feel like trying something different, another kind of pictures, less clean, less neat. More personal.

Maybe I should grab my back and leave for South America…

2 June 2011: Frankfurt airport, Germany.

P.S: I still don’t understand why Apple didn’t put a better camera in their last iPod touch.