This blog has always been first about pictures and then text (and sharing my thoughts). But the past months have been rather poor in pictures, with an environment and a work in Yemen not exactly encouraging me to go out and to capture moments.

Today, for the first time in a year, I discovered a place I didn’t know before and where I could take pictures without jeopardizing my work (and security).

I would lie saying it didn’t feel great to try to capture something special, making something mine.

OlivierChassot-Blog-LLI-Ceremony-243828 May 2016: Celebration at Bet Maryam church, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Merry Easter

I wish you and all your family a merry Easter and hope to see you very soon, wherever you are in the world.

24 April 2011: Following the referendum on South Sudan independence, many South Sudanese left Darfur and returned to their hometown. Consequently, El Fasher’s Christian community, mostly composed of South Sudanese, lost many of its members. Those who remain gathered today to celebrate Easter in El Fasher’s church. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].