The Last Rocker of Mazar

Miles Davis and a smelly bukhari (Afghan fuel heater) are warming up my mood and room. Earlier in the afternoon, I got the very stupid idea of looking at readers’s comments on a Swiss newspaper’s website. Reading so many bitter people expressing their frustration on any single subject they could, without even knowing what they are talking about, raised a few questions in my mind. Is bashing everyone and everything around them making them feel better? Why are they considering themselves as “being a 100% Swiss” and why would it matter? “Hell is other people” wrote Sartre…

But who cares… I finally got the chance to take a portrait I was initially supposed to take a year ago 🙂
20 December 2014: Curzio, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan.

Return to Forrest

Playing tennis table alone doesn’t exactly sound like fun, even if you are stuck in a compound, with nobody else to play against. That was until I discovered that ping pong robot existed. Forrest Gump would have been amazingly jealous (and would have lost) 🙂

01 October 2014: Piotr, ICRC staff and passionated table tennis player. Kabul, Afghanistan

Music in my eyes

Few days ago, in a jazz club in Zurich, I suddenly realized I would love to take picture of a band. I realized how much I miss music and photographing something different than life in Darfur and activities of the Mission. It seems I was heard as I had to cover today a dinner where a live band was playing some great music.

27 June 2011: Concert of Omar Ihsas, famous Sudanese singer, in Khartoum, at the first day of the Darfur International Conference on Water. Seeking $1.5 billion for a six-year series of projects, the Darfur International Conference on Water for Sustainable Peace aims to contribute to peace and reconciliation through the restoration and equitable use of Darfur’s natural resources. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].