After some hard work, the book for the Fundation Achalay has finally been published. I’m not totally satisfied with the color rendering and particularly for the cover, but with such a limited time at my disposal, I’m globally happy and glad I can start working now on new projects. Currently, it mostly means preparing my deployment to Central African Republic and before that, a three weeks course in Geneva.

I am also looking for a portrait lens, as my Canon 24-105 f/4.0 is not producing a depth of field or bokeh really interesting. My 24mm 1.4 (maybe my favorite lens) is great but obviously can not be used for close-up/head shots. I’m really looking forward to start playing with it (certainly a 100 f/2.8 IS or 135 f/2.0).

The coming weeks should be great, professionally and personally speaking. Inch’allah
25 August 2012. Race in Harlem, NYC, USA. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].


Il est tard. Je cherche mon autre chez-moi, et je prends un chemin que je ne connais pas:
Un petit sentier qui longe les usines et la ville entre-coupant par la forêt.
Je commence à peine à entrevoir la nature, lorsque tout d’un coup, la nuit tombe.

Je suis plongée dans un monde de silence, pourtant je n’ai pas peur. Je m’endors quelques minutes, tout au plus, et quand je me réveille, Le soleil est là et la forêt brille d’une lumière éclatante.

Je reconnais cette forêt. Ce n’est pas une forêt ordinaire, c’est une forêt de souvenirs.
Mes souvenirs. Cette rivière blanche et sonore, mon adolescence.
Ces grands arbres, les hommes que j’ai aimés. Ces oiseaux qui volent, au loin, mon père disparu.

Mes souvenirs ne sont plus des souvenirs.
Ils sont là, vivants, près de moi, ils dansent et m’enlacent, chantent et me sourient.

Je regarde mes mains. Je caresse mon visage, et j’ai 20 ans.
Et j’aime comme je n’ai jamais aimé.

M83, Echoes of Mine

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(Big) Apple

I frequently read that “Apple computers are way too expensive”. Although I have never seen a laptop that can compete with a Macbook Air, I have to recognize that Macbook Pro are indeed more expensive that PC laptops. I personally believe that the difference is in the finition, ergonomics and the operating system, but it might be a question of personal taste.

However, where e.g. Dell has a very bad reputation with his (lack of) customer service, Apple’s support is quite amazing. I got the chance to experience it once again in NYC. In a packed Apple store on the 5th Avenue, I brought my Macbook Air at 7.3pm, to fix a (physical) problem with a USB port. Despite this problem usually not being covered under warranty, they spontaneously consider the fact that my laptop looked like new and repaired it for free. The next morning, at 7am, I had an email announcing me that my computer was ready for pickup…If you use your laptop every day (for work or not), I am sure you can appreciate what an overnight repair means.

Try the same with a PC and let me know…

23 February 2012: Apple Store, 5Av, NYC, USA. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

New York baby

I was in New York around 9/11 and went to the commemoration of the terrorist attacks in ground zero, Lower Manhattan. I was hoping to capture some emotions and to take a few shots of people protesting against Park 51 project (Ground Zero Mosque). I finally spent 7 hours taking pictures in the middle of different protesters, evangelist groups, mourning families and religious extremists. Not an easy assignment but definitely a lot of fun.

11 September 2010: Ground zero, during the 9th commemoration of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York City, USA. [Click on the picture to enlarge it]

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