Down in the air

Not dead yet. But the last weeks haven’t been very exciting in term of photographs. Time is flying and I am now for a few days in Switzerland, trying to reload my batteries and to clarify my future. Surrounded by new books (including the excellent “Infidel” by the late Tim Hetherington), I really feel like trying something different, another kind of pictures, less clean, less neat. More personal.

Maybe I should grab my back and leave for South America…

2 June 2011: Frankfurt airport, Germany.

P.S: I still don’t understand why Apple didn’t put a better camera in their last iPod touch.

The Awakening of a Cat

Happiness sometimesĀ is like flu. It falls on you without you even notice it and you can’t do anything against it.It was supposed to be boring a afternoon and a boring flight. An iPod touch, a freshly installed hipstamatic and its random shots and it turned out to be quite fun.

15 February 2011: Geneva streets, Switzerland.

16 February 2011: Between GVA and FRA.