One week in Perpignan, for the traditional photo festival Visa pour l’Image, admiring the inspiring work of great photojournalists and improving my understanding of the world, in its best and worst aspects.

Back at the office, the portraits of two of my colleagues stand next to a condolence book. Another source of motivation. We better have to be outstanding now…

05 September 2015: Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan, France.

Balade Parisienne

A few days in Paris and I am suddenly craving for street photography. Not sure my new mission in Afghanistan will give me that opportunity… but I hope to have the chance to shoot a few nice portraits.

21 November 2013: Café “Le Centenaire”, Paris, France. [Click on the picture to enlarge it]

Meanwhile, I’m getting rid of any form of gravity in my mind, listening to the new compilation by Bonobo and Late Night Tales.

21 November 2013: Exhibition “Un moment si doux” by Raymond Depardon, at the Grand Palais, Paris, France. [Click on the picture to enlarge it]

A book on my work in Darfur and particularly in Abu Shouk internally displaced persons camp is finally available on Blurb, in two different versions:

It’s a strange feeling to finally see the result of more than two months of hard work and to be aware that I can’t change or add anything now. It is also a bit frustrating to realize that I haven’t taken any decent picture since.

But now that I have a few months before starting my new job (more about that later), maybe it is a good opportunity to travel a bit and to work on a new project. But weirdly, for the first time since… ages, I don’t want to hit the road and would prefer to live for a few weeks at the same place. So if you know someone (association, organisation, school, private, etc…) who could be interested to use my skills (computer science, photography and public relation/communication) in South America (so than I can practice/improve my Spanish), let me know asap. Thanks!


17 May 2012: Somewhere in the Saône-et-Loire department, France (thanks Bro 😉 )


01 May 2012: Sitges, next to Barcelona, Spain.