From a 5 star hotel to a remote village in West Darfur, I spent the last three days following and covering the visit of UNAMID Joint Special Representative and Ambassadors, shooting from dawn to dusk (sometimes later).

I’m not exactly sure of how my life will be in a few months, but I’m sure that the excitation of taking photographs in Darfur, speaking with Darfuris, running with all my gear on my back to an APC or flying over majestic places in an helicopter is not going to disappear quickly. Life …

Now, I hope to get the final authorizations and to be able to finish my final project quickly.

20 October 2011: UNAMID Joint Special Representative, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, reading and correcting documents, while flying from El Geneina to Mukjar, West Darfur. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

The Awakening of a Cat

Happiness sometimes¬†is like flu. It falls on you without you even notice it and you can’t do anything against it.It was supposed to be boring a afternoon and a boring flight. An iPod touch, a freshly installed hipstamatic and its random shots and it turned out to be quite fun.

15 February 2011: Geneva streets, Switzerland.

16 February 2011: Between GVA and FRA.