Last Days

I just finished the calendar 2013 of the Fundation Achalay (fundation for who I’m working) and almost finalized their book. Finishing a publication is always painful. The last pictures are always the worst and I frequently realize that there is one picture/idea that I would have liked to see, etc… I suppose it’s normal but still wonder if James Nachtway, Paolo Pellegrin or any other top photographer face the same problem or if their experience helps them to deal with the last shots more easily.


June 2012: Daily life in the Achalay association in San Andres, Peru. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

Portraits in a children’s world

After a bit more than a week shooting, I’m back to Lima for a quiet weekend. Steak, view on the pacific and drinks, before restarting working on a new photo book for the Fundation Achalay. And in ten days, I should start traveling a bit more around the region.

June 2012: Children in San Andres, North of Lima, Peru, at the Achalay Center. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

Rucksack and camera: The Return

After a few years dreaming of it, I am finally in Latin America (Peru). Wondering where to travel, I decided to work for 2-3 weeks for an association, before hitting the road. With simple living conditions, isolated in a small village, it sometimes reminds me field trips in Darfur. But for once, I speak the language and communication is therefore easier (not to mention the absence of national security).

I hope to keep improving my Spanish skills and really look forward to taking pictures, hopefully depicting interesting situations. More to come… inch’allah.


07 June 2012: Children watching a movie in San Andres village, Peru. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

Street children

20 October 2010: Young Internally Displaced Person (IDP) during a UNAMID patrol in Zamzam IDP camp, next to El-Fasher, North Darfur [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

I am frequently surrounded by children asking for pictures or simply for a smile. Unfortunately, after two years here, I can see an increase in the number of children asking for money. It is becoming an issue with children (or their parents) preferring to beg in the streets or to wash against payment International staff’s car instead of going to school.