Presidential High Five

24 September 2016: Cugy (VD), Switzerland.



A couple is giving a final touch to their sunburn reading a book under the sun while children are playing around the pool. I’m reading my 5th book of this break and my legs are sore, thanks to 3 days walking/bicycling around temples (strangely always hidden on top of a hill with 5 billion steps…). It feels great. I walk and read to compensate all what I haven’t while in Yemen but for once, I don’t do the same with food and drinks (especially with drinks).

After almost 8 years working as a “humanitarian”, these breaks have become a routine, although I keep improving them, detaching myself further and faster of the previous months. I now frequently wake up, not sure of where exactly I am, between Yemen, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Thailand or somewhere in Europe. But I start missing a routine. A cafe where to read the news or a favorite restaurant with a waiter knowing my name.

Few months ago and for the first time in 8 years, I spent 3 consecutive weeks at the same place, sleeping in the same bed. With a longer break in the coming months, maybe now is finally the time to work on a place I could really call mine.


30 July 2016: Sigirya, Sri Lanka.

P.S: Tomorrow, Nourane will have been missing for 8 months. 8 fucking months…


End of mission. No sniper, no airstrike, no shelling, no kidnapping, no responsibility. A long break to empty my mind, stretch my body and discover something new.
And then arrives Nice, and then Turkey. And while I feel deeply sorry for the victims and their families, I can not help but getting annoyed by the reactions, once again. Indeed, it seems that the truck also drove over the French media’s deontology and people’s brain. Pathetic and unfortunately an increasing trend around the world. But well… let’s focus on my breathing and get angry another time. Namaste.
17 July 2016: Elephant toilette, Dondra, Sri Lanka.