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  1. Hi Olivier,

    I live (temporarily) in a share house in Melbourne with Caroline who you are friends with.

    I’m a photographer (training for the last two years at least) and she mentioned you and your site.

    Great photos and sounds like a great job you have. I’m subscribed to your blog now and am keen to see more of your work.

    Michael Weinhardt

  2. Dear Olivier,
    I live and work for UNHCR in El Fasher. I am interested to know more about the work you do with streetchildren here and maybe see if we could collaborate on anything. If you are interested, kindly respond and we could meet one day at UNAMID and further discuss. Eva

  3. Having worked and lived in Darfur for 2 yrs under AMIS 2004-2006 your photos brought me memories of sadness and joy. I have a positive envy for the job you are doing. Young, beautiful and doing Aid work for the vulnerable people. May God bless you for the sacrifices being made.

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