A couple is giving a final touch to their sunburn reading a book under the sun while children are playing around the pool. I’m reading my 5th book of this break and my legs are sore, thanks to 3 days walking/bicycling around temples (strangely always hidden on top of a hill with 5 billion steps…). It feels great. I walk and read to compensate all what I haven’t while in Yemen but for once, I don’t do the same with food and drinks (especially with drinks).

After almost 8 years working as a “humanitarian”, these breaks have become a routine, although I keep improving them, detaching myself further and faster of the previous months. I now frequently wake up, not sure of where exactly I am, between Yemen, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Thailand or somewhere in Europe. But I start missing a routine. A cafe where to read the news or a favorite restaurant with a waiter knowing my name.

Few months ago and for the first time in 8 years, I spent 3 consecutive weeks at the same place, sleeping in the same bed. With a longer break in the coming months, maybe now is finally the time to work on a place I could really call mine.


30 July 2016: Sigirya, Sri Lanka.

P.S: Tomorrow, Nourane will have been missing for 8 months. 8 fucking months…

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