When people talk about the 2nd World War and about resistance, many are sure that they would have been a great resistant, hiding weapons and Jews in their cave and fighting the Nazism, putting their life at risk.

But today, when refugees, fleeing the war in Syria, are trying to enter Europe, it seems that many of the same people consider that their country is not in a position to welcome anyone and that it doesn’t concern them. “We are facing enough problems in our own country not to have to deal with the rest of the world” they say.

Hypocrisy? Maybe. It certainly is easier to dream of being a hero than to actually accept the related risks to being one. Ignorance? More certainly, when people do not understand the difference between migrants and refugees or consider that all Muslims behead Christians for brunch over weekend.

When Hitler was elected, people thought he would be able to solve their problems. Easy comparison maybe, but before voting for your favorite candidate, maybe ask yourself if the problem is really one, or if someone isn’t just playing with your fears. Maybe the world is not that black and white after all.

It certainly never has been easier to access information and to try to understand the world surrounding us. But that requires curiosity and to accept to challenge our pre-conceptions, without being naïve neither. The new definition of a Resistant, maybe.

14 July 2015: Paris, France.

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