Another World

My glass is (re)filled with bubbles and my plate with seafood and sushis. Around me, posh girls or wannabes are pretending to have fun while I do, observing them, wondering how many hours it took them to put such a quantity of makeup on their face.

Later, another place and a DJ making a break, while imams in town are calling for prayer. Same crowd than before, facing proud skyscrapers and another round of bubbles, while I’m enjoying the music, wondering why I feel so in peace with myself.


23 January 2014: People taking pictures of the Dubai Fountain show, at the bottom of the Burj Khalif, next to Dubai mall, Dubai. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

The difficulty here is not to jump from one place to another, from a war zone to a party in Dubai, but rather to explain it to people who have not experienced this kind of life. In the same way that I spoke lately about the notion of normality, there is no common definition for the word “routine”. We all get used to our lives and all learn to deal with it. Like new parents are getting used to lack of sleep and develop their patience skills, you can get used to live with a certain level of insecurity and learn how to adapt to such contexts, leading you sometimes to be enjoying a glass of champagne in a club a few hours after you passed in front of a bombed restaurant.
There is nothing brave or outstanding in that. Or at least, not more than being able to have dinner a few minutes after having changed your child diapers…


24 January 2014: Club 360, in front of the Burj Al Arab, Dubai. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].


  1. My dear friend, there is a lot of bravery in that, only you fail to see it. Because it is “normal” life to you. Ask people who have not gone through a war zone if they see it the same way as you do… I can bet you the comments you get from them will be very different. It is the ability to adept to the change that makes you see this as a routine thing.
    Stay safe and enjoy the bubbles!

  2. Sasa, it is exactly what I am saying. People not having this life might see it very differently and not understand it. We all are getting used to our own life, making it sometimes difficult to explain.

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