Heading Back to Base

This is it. A glass of champagne in an Air France flight toward Paris and I’m suddenly realizing I’m out of Central African Republic (CAR). End of mission, end of twelve amazing, crazy and challenging months, pushing my personal and professional limits into new unknown territories, but bringing a surprisingly nice feeling of accomplishment. So much more could have been done though and so much more need to be done in a country just aspiring to peace and a bit of stability.

10 October 2013: Clothes drying under the sun, in Bossangoa, CAR. [Click on the picture to enlarge it]

But despite the sadness, I know my job is done. Debriefing tomorrow and then a good break, before heading for another mission, another country and new limits to be pushed. But that’s another story…
On est ensemble!

OlivierChassot-Blog-Worker-MKI-620130820 June 2013: Messi, worker in Mboki, CAR. [Click on the picture to enlarge it]

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