When music isn’t enough, photography has always proved to be my best bubble. Just focusing on the light, the subject, trying to reproduce the feeling or ambiance perceived, and enjoying it.

And all the rest doesn’t exist anymore. What else?

OlivierChassot-Blog-Worker-MKI-620118120 June 2013: Papy, worker in Mboki, CAR, Africa.[Click on the picture to enlarge it].


  1. Wow, may I ask a stupid beginner’s question ?
    How do you make this gentleman stay put for taking his picture (beautiful !!) without him actually making a big artificial posing ?

    I was dreaming of being able to do that while in South America, to have more people on my photos, but there is a tendency for people to pose and not relax in front of a camera (and my compact does not have the impact of your massive EOS which can be intimidating, don’t you think ?). Thus I had to steal pictures thanks to my mobile LCD screen.

    Thanks for sharing the tricks ;o)
    Take good care ! and leave the monkeys alone (cf. your August 2013 post) ;o)

  2. That’s what makes the difference between a beginner and a professional photographer ahahahahah 🙂
    No, it’s usually a question of approach. You usually need to talk a lot, have a relation with the subject, make him feel comfortable.
    I did not come in front of him and took a picture. I spoke with him, told him I loved the way he was smoking his cigarette and asked him if I could take a picture of him. He accepted, I made him move a bit for the light, let him smoke, still while talking with him and finally took the shot. It was rather easy, I think I took 3 shots for that portrait.
    Take care Wlad!

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