Love, Smile and Two Flight tickets

– “I again spent the night with that guy. I really have a crush on him”
– “Is it why you look so tired? … :-)”
– “No, I was just so afraid of telling him “I love you” while dreaming that I did not sleep at all”
– “Love is tough…”

Friendships sometimes lies in details. Not in the amount of emails exchanged or in the frequency of your phone calls. Sometimes, it’s just about a story shared on skype, or a card sent from the other side of the world for Christmas.

Love lies in microscopic details…


14 January 2013: Sarah, Yaoundé, Cameroon. Thanks to her for the patience… [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

And if you think you are well settled, in your favorite leather sofa and clean apartment, without any motivation for going anywhere . Just watch this.

Challenge accepted…

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