(Big) Apple

I frequently read that “Apple computers are way too expensive”. Although I have never seen a laptop that can compete with a Macbook Air, I have to recognize that Macbook Pro are indeed more expensive that PC laptops. I personally believe that the difference is in the finition, ergonomics and the operating system, but it might be a question of personal taste.

However, where e.g. Dell has a very bad reputation with his (lack of) customer service, Apple’s support is quite amazing. I got the chance to experience it once again in NYC. In a packed Apple store on the 5th Avenue, I brought my Macbook Air at 7.3pm, to fix a (physical) problem with a USB port. Despite this problem usually not being covered under warranty, they spontaneously consider the fact that my laptop looked like new and repaired it for free. The next morning, at 7am, I had an email announcing me that my computer was ready for pickup…If you use your laptop every day (for work or not), I am sure you can appreciate what an overnight repair means.

Try the same with a PC and let me know…

23 February 2012: Apple Store, 5Av, NYC, USA. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

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