Reloading batteries

Three weeks since my return to Europe but I’m still not really used to it. I had forgot fast internet was daily routine on this side of the world and I’m still enjoying a bit too much walking in the cold and the rain (not to mention skiing).

But the big news is that I finally have a room, a permanent place where I can sleep and store my books/equipment/belongings. As it seems I’ve been a bit nuts in the last months with Amazon and my credit card, I have a nice pile of books to read. I would just like to mention three:

Magnum Contact sheets by Magnum. A great way to (re)discover the work of fantastic Magnum photographers and particularly their way of approaching their subjects. Fascinating.
The suffering of Light by Alex Webb. A beautiful book containing a selection of his best pictures. Simple but so powerful.
Dies Irae by Paolo Pellegrin. Pellegrin became one of my favorite photographer, through his very personal style and vision, mostly in conflict zones. Inspiring.

And if you don’t like reading (and even if you do), then you might want to have a look at the following movies. I don’t want to spoil your pleasure and to write anything about the story so… just watch:

Shame by Steve McQueen.
Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn.

And if you know a way to stop thinking about Shame, let me know. I have been watching it in my mind for a week now (and not just because of Carey Mulligan)…

I usually love to feel lost in places I’m visiting. I never thought I would in my hometown… I wish you all the best for 2012.

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