New Horizons

39 months after I joined the United Nation – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), I am leaving Sudan. A Master’s, two trunks, tens of stamps in my passport, thousands of pictures and a few millions of memories. What was supposed to be a few months break in my life became my life, in one of its most exciting form.

Three years pushing my limits, opening myself to new cultures, falling in love with a field that was initially not mine and realizing that my life could be useful and fun, not just after working hours.

1186 days tattooed in my mind, traveling around Darfur, trying to show a different reality, away from the usual clichés or preconceptions. Many ups and a few downs, in a period that redefined my perception of life and its priorities.

Looking at Sudan for a last time while writing this post, I can not help thinking about the Darfuris and their future. I would like to say I am optimistic…

I wish them to finally get the peace and stability they deserve.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish” said Steve Jobs. I think I now have the menu…

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