I attended, for the second time, Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan (South France). After a few weeks (if not months) very poor in term of images and an up and down mood, my inspiration and creativity were a bit low. Visa 2011 has been a massive electroshock. Great exhibitions, excellent projections in the evening and interesting discussions with other photographers till late at night, I’m flying back to Darfur with a few fresh ideas in mind. Shame I will only have about 3 months to realize them (as I won’t extend my contract after December 2011). However, I feel it is time for me to move on, to bear new challenges and to open myself up to new experiences/horizons.

Difficult not to mention every photographers I got the chance to see the work of but I particularly like the the work of Alvaro Ybarra Zavala and his excellent book Apocalipsis, Lu Nan in mental hospital in China and Fernando Moleres‘s exhibition on African Children in Prison.

Inspiring and sometime very frustrating, when e.g. discovering the talent of Ed Ou, a young (24) and already (too :-)) talented Canadian photographer.

22 August 2011: A Nepalese doctor checks the eyes of a Darfurian boy, during a free medical consultation provided by UNAMID to the population of Shangil Tobaya, North Darfur. [Click on the picture to enlarge it].

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